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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"The iPhone of Vaporizers"

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Newsweek examines the contemporary cannabis industry in its latest article "How to Get High on 4/20."  Observing that "a handful of states has spawned an emerging class of dabblers—people who seek as refined and sophisticated a relationship with weed as they have with wine," Newsweek reporter Winston Ross delves into his recommendations:

"For the open road, try the Firefly 2, which is sort of the iPhone of vaporizers. At the touch of your fingertips, the vape can reach 400 degrees (or another temperature, programmed via an app on your phone) in just three seconds, via a convection technology that heats the plant only as you inhale it, capturing each element of the plant’s compounds at the moment they’re released." We love it!

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