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Monday, February 02, 2015

New and Improved Batteries

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In Firefly's mission to provide the ultimate vaping experience, our batteries stood out as an area with room for improvement. Turns out, when you're a small company, it can be challenging to find manufacturers that fulfill small orders.  We made new friends in McNair and are proud to announce that our batteries have gotten a major upgrade.  

The new batteries hold charge for longer and are more reliable.  Specifically, they hold 15% higher capacity with improved performance at lower temperatures.  So how this will affect your Firefly experience?  We estimate that the new batteries hold charge twice as long, but since every individual experience is different, let's put it this way:

 With one charged battery...

...You can vape before bed, vape in the morning, vape in the afternoon...

...You can share the vapor love with your friends again and again, without fear of the flashing red light….

...You can treat yourself to a few more rounds of your favorite flavor…

 Unfortunately no lithium battery lives forever.  And if you vape all day every day - it’s high time to buy a new battery.  Buy one here now.

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