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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Firefly at the Luxury Technology Show

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Mark and Sasha brought sexy (vaping) back to the Luxury Technology Show in Beverly Hills.  Firefly lit up the Petersen Museum alongside robots, rocket skates, and Cadillacs.  We discovered...Firefly really IS the Cadillac of vaporizers!!!  Check out more photos below.  More information on the event here.

 photo FireFly-LuxuryTech_LA-IMG_0251 1.jpg


 photo FireFly-LuxuryTech_LA-IMG_0241.jpg


 photo FireFly-LuxuryTech_LA-IMG_0271.jpg


 photo FireFly-LuxuryTech_LA-IMG_0414.jpg


 photo FireFly-LuxuryTech_LA-IMG_0384.jpg


 photo FireFly-LuxuryTech_LA-IMG_0448.jpg


 photo FireFly-LuxuryTech_LA-IMG_0561.jpg

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