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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Firefly Concentrate Pads

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We are excited to introduce a brand new way to experience the Firefly with the release of our concentrate pads.  Now you can enjoy the purest vapor from plant material AND concentrates.   

Why use Firefly for your concentrates?

For the same reason you use Firefly for plant material - Firefly’s convection technology captures the entire range of active ingredients and flavors.  E-cigarettes and vape pens have emerged as the popular way to vape oils and other concentrated materials, but these conduction devices burn and denature the ingredients by exposing the material to the direct heat source.  With Firefly’s convection technology, hot air heats the material as you inhale, creating vapor at a range of temperatures between 0° and 400°F.

Taste the Terpenoids!

Concentrates are a distillation of active ingredients from plants, sometimes mixed with glycerin or propylene glycol.  Each ingredient has a magical activation temperature between 0° and 400°F, so vaping at a set temperature skips some of the good stuff,  particularly terpenoids, which activate at lower temperatures.  Love the smell of pine, ginger, or eucalyptus?  You can thank their terpenoids! The lesser-known chemicals found in all plants, terpenoids are responsible for plant aroma and flavor, and used for herbal remedies.  Firefly vapor is full of those tasty terpenoids which is just one more reason why Firefly vapor is so delicious!

Our stainless steel concentrate pads have passed FDA food safe cleaning and testing procedures, just like every material in the Firefly vapor path.  
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