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EXPLORE THE NEW APP UPDATES WITH FELICIA   The new app update includes a wider range of temperature settings, renaming Power Tuning to Calibration, smarter more responsive algorithm, LED consistency, and ability to change your temperature directly from your Firefly 2! Learn how to change the temperature directly from your Firefly 2 in a few easy steps! Press and hold the right button. Tap the left button 3 times quickly (while still holding the right button). This puts the Firefly 2 into “temperature setting”…

Asher Roth & Firefly Vapor: “Rap Life”

Musical artist and rapper Asher Roth made this super-chill video about his Firefly.  We love the original song (and you can’t hear it anywhere else!). “I’ve got a vision for us.  It’s lovely.  It’s lovely….” Asher Roth is best known for his single “I Love College.”  He has since released a few different albums, and now works as an independent artist under his own label Retrohash.  He’s a proud cannabis user and has been quoted about his cannabis use, saying “I honestly don’t believe [marijuana]…

VIDEO PREMIERE of Evolution of Fire: Part 1

“Evolution of Fire” is a motion light painting by media artists Eric Freeman and Toshi Anders Hoo.   The animated short explores the theme of human’s long and evolving relationship with fire, from ancient ritual to modern technologies. Freeman and Hoo have developed an innovative “motion light painting” technique using long exposure, stop-motion photography to create animations with a uniquely organic feel. Using custom fiber optic brushes they paint onto each frame using long exposures (up to 12 seconds) with a digital camera system.…

Purple Dandelion & Firefly Vapor: “Firefly Dancers”

That feeling when you get so lifted you feel like you’re FLYING! There’s nothing like a good vape dance party!  This video was shot at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in the city.  Perfect place for a stop drop and vape break.  Our friends who made it at Purple Dandelion also throw cannabis events at a place called the Tree Lounge in LA.  Check them out for more cool content and events!

The Stash: Video Review

“The Firefly is a vaporizer that has the sleek design of a Bugatti but the raw power of a Mack truck….Speed, strength and style are the defining characteristics that make Firefly a force to be reckoned with in the vaporizer space.” Check out the sweet vape video from the guys at PROHBTD.