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“The Best of Everything”

Style No Chaser reviews the pros and cons of using the Firefly vaporizer, ultimately declaring it a succesful balance of design and functionality. Read More ›

“The Best Tasting Vape”

This in-depth piece from Crave Online explains how the values and experiences of Burning Man shaped the beginning of the Firefly and brought together its co-founders. The article also features a photographic tour of the Firefly Lab in San Francisco. Read More ›

“A Healthier Draw”

Cool Hunting features the Firefly on its boutique aggregate shop of featured items recommended for purchase. Read More ›

“Top-notch Vaping Experience”

Supercompressor takes users on a photographic tour of the Firefly lab in San Francisco and discusses the creation of the Firefly with co-founders Sasha and Mark. Read More ›

“My Personal Favorite Vape”

Slate magazine’s Seth Stevenson reviews the use of multiple vaporizers and discusses why their popularity continues to rise in place of traditional methods. To no surprise, he finds the Firefly vaporizer superior due to its sleek design and functionality. Read More ›

“The Pax has Competition”

The New Yorker explains how vaporizers have evolved with hippie culture by updating the act of smoking to be a healthier, technologically savvy experience. Read More ›

“Totally Sleek Vaporizer”

This review of products touts Firefly as one of the sleekest gadegets on the market that gives you full flavor in every hit you inhale.   Read More ›

“The sleekest thing I’ve ever owned”

CeeLo Green, award-winning recording artist, and Gary Shteyngart, famed novelist, reviewed the Firefly for T Magazine and found it a smooth and compact device that met their approval. Read More ›

“Like a Tesla”

This article from Business Insider details the early prototyping of the Firefly and the trial and error encountered to make it the luxury product it is today. Read More ›

“Firefly is a Standout”

Men’s Journal explains the science behind The Firefly vaporizer and details what makes it superior to its competitors and in place of traditional smoking methods. Read More ›

“From Building Mac OS X To Building… A Vaporizer?”

Firefly’s story begins when two developers left their positions at Apple and Juniper to pursue the creation of a high-end smoking device. Their in-depth knowledge of both software and hardware led to the creation of the technologically advanced Firefly and its optimized experience. Read More ›

“An Incredible Piece of Technology”

For Happy Mutants inaugural podcast they interviewed Firefly founders Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson on the evolution of their business partnership and the Firefly Vaporizer. Read More ›  

The Stash: Video Review

“The Firefly is a vaporizer that has the sleek design of a Bugatti but the raw power of a Mack truck….Speed, strength and style are the defining characteristics that make Firefly a force to be reckoned with in the vaporizer space.” Check out the sweet vape video from the guys at PROHBTD.