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“Steve Jobs’ unseen impact on the weed industry”

At Firefly, it’s pretty clear that co-founder Mark Williams was influenced by his years working in design at Apple.  From the innovative heat technology to the sleek design, it’s hard to imagine a vaporizer that could look and function more like an iPhone.   If some people are surprised that Firefly2 is not smaller in size, there are reasons behind it! “You recall that Apple kept shrinking until they went bigger. When you make everything smaller, you’re giving up functionality,” Firefly co-founder Mark Williams explained in an interview. “We…

Apple Files A Vape Patent

Apple may be eyeing the booming vaporizer industry with its own high-tech vaporizer unit….what?!!! Digital Trends says the patent application was filed in June 2016 and “describes a vaporizer that uses high temperature to convert a substance into a vapor.”  Will Apple be making their own version of a Firefly?  Probably not.  Apple never mentions the intended end use of the product and according to MacWorld “Apple’s vaping plans could be more down-to-earth” and could be implemented into “something as simple as a forthcoming…

5 Ways To Get High Without Inhaling Smoke

  Yes, you’re still inhaling something with a vaporizer. But it’s not smoke — it’s vapor! Essentially, your vape is heating up your plant material without burning it, thus avoiding combustion. But if you’re looking to live that #VapeLife, watch out for the way your vape actually heats up. In vaporizers that use conductive heating (e.g. the PAX and the Magic Flight Launch Box), the plant comes into direct contact with the heating element, meaning that combustion can still happen if you’re not careful. With vaporizers that use convective heating,…

“We Tested Some of the Best Weed Vapes On the Market”

Vice checks out some of the top vaporizers on the market, including the Firefly 2. Here are some of the pros of the device: “If you’re the kind of weed user who wants to taste what you’re inhaling, this is the one. None of the other devices we try extracts the flavour out of the flower like the Firefly. It’s very efficient, once you’ve got the hang of it; 0.1 of gram provides you with more puffs and than you’d expect. It also heats up on demand, allowing you to…

“11 successful tech execs who left Silicon Valley to disrupt the marijuana industry”

Business Insider rounds up 11 former Silicon Valley players who left Silicon Valley for a new innovative industry.  Our very own CEO and cofounder, Mark Williams, being one of them.  Williams developed software for the Mac OS under Steve Jobs before setting out to invent a better vaporizer.  “I’m sure that in my subconscious while I was designing this, I had visions of Macs in my head,” Said Williams. “If Apple designed a vaporizer, this would be it.”

“22 Of The Most Stylish Ways To Get High”

As marijuana has become more popular and socially acceptable, designers and engineers have been working hard to improve on our old techniques. Sure, there are plenty of fancy vaporizers out there (and we definitely love ’em). But there are just as many people innovating on the designs of old-school pipes.  These are more effective than the one-hitter you stole from your older brother (inducing fewer coughing fits) and they look better, too. Seriously, you’d be surprised how many pieces are basically works of art.

“If James Bond Had A Vaporizer, This Would Be It”

Review Summary: For flower or concentrate, The Firefly² is a superior device that gives users the full range of flavor in their material of choice. A wide range of heating profiles, easy to clean, discreet in public, aesthetically pleasing, and truly portable, the Firefly² is a step into the future of vaping. You don’t need to be James Bond to have a Firefly² but if you love vaping loose leaf tobacco, cannabis flower or concentrate, you should.