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Vaporizer Surrealism

We got some new office artwork! Firefly commissioned a one of a kind surrealist homage to what is probably the best known painting of a pipe. And also one of the best known paintings that shows you that not everything you see can be taken at face value. This is not a pipe.  This is a vaporizer!  This is a whole new era.  Firefly is certainly not a pipe, and, pipes are certainly not what they used to be.   Thank you to Suzy’s friend…

Firefly Takes a Vape Hike

The Firefly team has been working hard!  Motivated to move our bodies away from glowing computer screens, we took to the trails to clear our heads and seek out inspiration from the Great Outdoors. Mark took us to a special place in the land of the Redwoods called Purisima Creek and tested our glute muscles and stamina.  Want a challenge?  Try vaping uphill.  Most of the team is not Cali-born, but we are all California at heart and thankful to be enjoying a gorgeous…

Introducing Fueled by Firefly

Fueled by Firefly: Our Mission We are proud to announce the launch of our new artists series, “Fueled by Firefly” celebrating the intersection of ART, TECHNOLOGY and CULTURE. At Firefly, we see ourselves as more than a technology company. Our innovation is fueled by our active participation in a wide community of designers, developers and creators. “Fueled by Firefly” will highlight an ongoing series of collaborations with artist, performers and thinkers to stimulate creativity and conversations about the themes and concepts that inspire us. “As…

“The Evolution of Fire Event”

Our team collaborated with local artists, Toshi Anders Hoo and Eric Freeman and launched “The Evolution of Fire: Part 1.”  The short film was debuted in none other than San Francisco’s art and music venue, Public Works.

“A Must-have”

Smell the Truth lifestyle blog lists their top 10 most innovative smoking devices on the market. Read More ›

Firefly Goes International

At the end of December, Firefly spread it’s wings to bring our vaporizer across the world.  Firefly is now available from authorized retailers in the UK, Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, and Australia in addition to the USA and Canada.  The photo above features the Firefly in Liège-Guillemins railway station in Belgium, designed by one of our favorite architects Santiago Calatrava and photographed by our COO Baran Dilaver during his worldly travels. Here is a running list of authorized international retailers for our International customers:…

“The Year’s Best Gadgets”

Slate magazine reviews the most innovative products of 2014, declaring Firefly the premier vaporizor not only for its sleek and innovative product design but for its usability as well.  We are grateful for their acknowledgement and couldn’t agree more! Read More ›

“Vape” wins Word of the Year

Vape-tastic news!  Taking the win for Oxford Dictionary’s 2014 Word of the Year, vaping has officially crossed the threshold into mainstream media.  An abbreviated version of vaporize or vaporizer, “vape” refers to both the action of vaporizing material as well as the vaporizer you use to vape.  Whoa, vape-a-delic man. How and why does one word emerge victorious as Word of the Year?  Vape-xcellent question!  A group of lexicographers (aka dictionary-makers) pick winners by measuring the word’s use, and you are thirty times more…

“The Best of Everything”

Style No Chaser reviews the pros and cons of using the Firefly vaporizer, ultimately declaring it a succesful balance of design and functionality. Read More ›

Firefly at the Luxury Technology Show

Mark and Sasha brought sexy (vaping) back to the Luxury Technology Show in Beverly Hills.  Firefly lit up the Petersen Museum alongside robots, rocket skates, and Cadillacs.  We discovered…Firefly really IS the Cadillac of vaporizers!!!  Check out more photos below.  More information on the event here.            

“The Best Tasting Vape”

This in-depth piece from Crave Online explains how the values and experiences of Burning Man shaped the beginning of the Firefly and brought together its co-founders. The article also features a photographic tour of the Firefly Lab in San Francisco. Read More ›

“A Healthier Draw”

Cool Hunting features the Firefly on its boutique aggregate shop of featured items recommended for purchase. Read More ›

“Top-notch Vaping Experience”

Supercompressor takes users on a photographic tour of the Firefly lab in San Francisco and discusses the creation of the Firefly with co-founders Sasha and Mark. Read More ›

“My Personal Favorite Vape”

Slate magazine’s Seth Stevenson reviews the use of multiple vaporizers and discusses why their popularity continues to rise in place of traditional methods. To no surprise, he finds the Firefly vaporizer superior due to its sleek design and functionality. Read More ›

“The Pax has Competition”

The New Yorker explains how vaporizers have evolved with hippie culture by updating the act of smoking to be a healthier, technologically savvy experience. Read More ›