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“The iPhone of Vaporizers”

Newsweek examines the contemporary cannabis indsutry in its latest article “How to Get High on 4/20.”  Observing that “a handful of states has spawned an emerging class of dabblers—people who seek as refined and sophisticated a relationship with weed as they have with wine,” Newsweek reporter Winston Ross delves into his recommendations: “For the open road, try the Firefly 2, which is sort of the iPhone of vaporizers. At the touch of your fingertips, the vape can reach 400 degrees (or another temperature, programmed…

“The Sleekest Vape”

7×7 makes a list of, “the most elegant add-ons the Bay Area industry has to offer.”  The 7×7 editors write, “The resulting vapor is so smooth and satisfying, you’ll find yourself pondering the flavors and aroma the way you would with a glass of wine.”  Thanks 7×7!  That full plant experience really is something special.

Asher Roth’s ‘Rap Life’

“Whether you’re fixing a flat tire on the tour van in the rain or pouring champagne on a yacht, “…fuck it, rap life.” We are excited to introduce a brand new video series in the Fueled by Firefly artist program: ‘Rap Life,’ presented with Kind Media and RetroHash. ‘Rap Life’ provides a glimpse behind the scenes with musical artist and rapper Asher Roth, featuring authentic visual documentation of Asher’s life, be it video shoots, rap shows or heartbreak. Get a peek into Asher’s creative process…

The Whole Plant Experience

The interesting thing about vaping is that different temperatures create a different experience for the consumer. Different cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant are activated based on temperature and the type of strain, whether that be OG Kush or ACDC, which influences flavor, your experience and the overall effect the plant has on you. So depending on what temperature and which strain, your experience may vary quite a bit. For instance, it is only at 315 degrees Fahrenheit that THC becomes psychoactive but in…

“Firefly2 Vape Redesign Simply Stunning”

“The Firefly 2 is an amazing portable vaporizer. The thoughtful deliberation informing its redesign is evident in every component and curve. It creates wonderfully flavorful, cool vapor, handles flowers and oil, feels good in the hand, looks great and functions well. That quality comes at a premium, but if it is in your price range, the Firefly 2 is a great investment..” Ben Livingston writes a very detailed – and glowing! – review of Firefly2.  Read the full review on The Cannabist. Keep up…

Fueled By Firefly Artist: Charlie Watts

Firefly Vapor was honored to have photographer Charlie Watts posting on our social this past week. Charlie states that she “seeks to create images not of this world, to use photography as a stepping-stone to the unknown realm just past the peripheral edge of consciousness. She creates images to bring imagination into fruition and provide a visual escape from the mundane to the fantastical.” Watts is in the MFA program in photography with the San Francisco Art Institute. We look forward to more shoots while she lives in…

Firefly2: The Tesla of Toking

Firefly is proud that Firefly2 is listed on Product Hunt as one of the best new technology products. The Firefly team – including our co-founder and CTO Sasha Robinson – came online to answer audience’s questions about Firefly2. Check out the post on Product Hunt

“Every Vaporizer Should Have It’s Own App”

“The single coolest feature on the new Firefly is indeed that companion app, available for Android and iOS. Whoa, whoa, whoa, put down your pitchforks. I’m serious! Look, the Internet of Things is, for the most part, a silly excuse to add connectivity to stuff that really doesn’t need it. But the Firefly 2 does IoT right.” Thank you to Andrew Tarantola at Engadget!  Read the full review here

“Firefly2: Best Vaporizers”

“Firefly has redesigned the user experience once, and now they’ve improved on that design.” Read more to find out why Firefly2 is the best new vaporizer!

“Firefly Comes Roaring Back”

Leafly provides a “sneak peek” at the new Firefly2, noting that “tested side-by-side with an original Firefly, the F2 proved faster and far easier to use. The charging dock is a nice upgrade from the original plug, too.” Read on to find out what other features are upgraded in the new Firefly2

Top 10 Portable Vaporizers of 2015

Vapor Nation lists their top 10 choices for portable vaporizers, claiming Firefly “remains a fan favorite, as it’s capable of producing large clouds of extremely smooth, high quality vapor time and time again.” Read More ›

Firefly wins the Good Design Award

They like us!  They really like us!!!  Our founders Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson must have learned some things in their Silicon Valley years – Firefly was the only vaporizer to win “the most prestigious world design award” this year.  You can rest assured that when you vape with Firefly, you are having the highest form of vape experience. Issued annually since 1950, the Good Design program rewards “quality design of the highest form, function, and aesthetics,” seeking out products that go above and…

‘The most flavorful and stylish handheld’

Titled, “The Most Bestest Shit: A Recipe for a Premium High,” reviewer Josh Jardine takes you on a journey through his experience with the Firefly, riffing off a webseries made by rapper 2 Chainz. Read More ›

Fueled By Firefly Artist: Noah Kalina

Noah Kalina is a NYC based photographer, best known for his Noah K Everyday series where he took photos of himself everyday (for over 12 years!).  He also publishes stunning editorial photos of nature, cities, and humans. He took the Firefly 1 out for a photoshoot in Fall of 2015, with comedian Ben Kronberg modeling. We’re honored to have his pictures as part of our series.

“Brilliant Design”

Bro Bible lists the Firefly vaporizer as a must-have on its gear guide, due to its brilliant design and flexibility of materials. Read More ›

“World-Class Technology”

Jack Threads explores how co-founders Sasha Robinson & Mark Williams backgrounds in User Interface Design helped shape the high-tech experience the Firefly is today.   Read More ›