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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Best Vape Spot In Your City

Posted in While You're Vaping

What makes a place Firefly worthy? Views with a touch of magic. This is something that can be done either by history, nature or man-made design. For some great examples, check out this list of recommended vape spots in Firefly-friendly cities.


The Big Apple! New York is one of the most iconic cities all over the world and it definitely has many great locations for you to sit back and relax. You can enjoy lots of awesome vaping action in Central Park. This huge park spans across several blocks as it is 2.5 miles long. Come here to enjoy a good vape in the open sky and grass away from the concrete jungle of NYC.



This is an easy one to pick as it is Firefly's hometown and has one of the most iconic bridges in the world and. That bridge, of course, is the Golden Gate Bridge. This offers one of the most beautiful vistas of the San Francisco area which you should definitely take advantage of when the sun goes down. Just don’t forget your Firefly.



Los Angeles also has many locations that offer some fantastic views to enjoy while vaping your Firefly. The most obvious choice is to trek up Mt. Lee to the Hollywood sign. But, Vista Hermosa Park also offers one of the best views of the city. 



Chicago is so cool. It is made even cooler when you take to the water and rent a kayak. Why would you need a kayak? Because, you can get on the Chicago Riverwalk which is just enchanting. During your ride, pull out your Firefly and float happy. 



Seattle has one of the coolest parks which you should definitely check out if you are visiting. Olympic Sculpture Park is one of the best spots around and you will see some amazing art while vaping your Firefly.




Denver, high in the world thanks to a high altitude. Denver's atmosphere is incomparable because the air is dryer and thinner there than anywhere else in the world. If you want to experience complete tranquility and enjoy a good smoke, go to Inspiration Point Park. It will be near impossible for you to come away feeling uninspired.



Portland is one of Firefly's favorite cities!  Mt. Tabor Park is one of the most epic parks you will ever come across. You don’t want to be without your Firefly in this location as it is unbelievably beautiful. You can find some of the most beautiful views in the city thanks to this park. Check it out!


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