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Fueled By Firefly Artist: Noah Kalina

Noah Kalina is a photographer based in New York, living between NYC and upstate NY. He caused pop culture waves with a work he made called “Noah K. Everyday”, a collection of selfies taken over the course of 14 years, which now have over 26 million views on YouTube. The mesmerizing time-lapse video is quiet, thought-provoking, and simple– all while being hauntingly impactful, and his photos share those qualities.

Whether shooting portraits, Cabin Porn (his new book), or scenes from a city, Noah is a Zen master of bending light and finding new ways of looking at the everyday occurrences of the world. He applies the same introspection he uses in examining our selfie-culture to the wonders of nature, and the resulting work that comes out of his photo explorations are just as compelling as his viral video.

This is the second collaboration between Firefly Vapor and Noah, and we hope that we get to work together so often we lose count, in the same way we lose ourselves in the magic of his art.


Check out Noah Kalina’s book, Cabin Porn, for some beautiful lifestyle inspiration here.