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Fueled By Firefly Artist: Ben Canales

Who wouldn’t want to spend a night with a Firefly vaporizer looking up at the stars? This FueledbyFirefly project with Portland, Oregon star photographer Ben Canales was a match made in the cosmos! 


FueledbyFirefly is an artist series started by Firefly Vapor to celebrate the intersection of art, technology, and culture.


At Firefly, we see ourselves as more than a technology company. Our innovation is fueled by our active participation in a wide community of designers, developers, and creators. Firefly strives to stimulate creativity and conversations about the concepts that inspire us. And, wow, does Ben‘s work inspire us!

Ben talks about why the stars are his ever-burning muses:

As our city lights spread blocking the view of stars, and app notifications replace the constellations humans used to point and share at night; we- as a people, as a species- need the stars more than ever. We’ve lost context of reality; of big-picture, universe-sized reality. Out under a bajillion twinkling stars, the worry of are you making enough money becomes… silly. Stress of our loud lives fades, and a quiet calm settles from the top down and in out. We feel silent whispers that we belong to something bigger, and life is entirely what we dare to make it. And, so important now- we’re reminded that gender, race or religion are barriers that mean nothing to this greater reality. We are one people, crowded on a planet-sized ship, floating through this grand universe- all looking up and out at the same beautiful night sky.