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Photo Credit: @mutiaraganja

“Nothing short of a masterpiece”

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“Taste is beyond explanation”

“The biggest strength of this unit is it’s vapor quality”

“The flavor is just goddamned incredible”

“The Firefly 2 is hardware facilitating a personal relationship with the user”

“My FF@ is like a Bentley-it’s smooth, advanced, delicious, and pretty much maintenance free”

“My FF2 is my daily go to. I love this thing.”

“If you use concentrates and don’t have a FF2 you’re living in the stone age”

“The cool thing is you can take a few rips and come back to it. Easily my favorite vape.”

“I’ve been using a lot less herb since I got it. Very efficient with your material.”

“I love this thing love love love so by it you will love it too..”